Quarantine Experiments

Months stuck indoors and an expired Sketch license has brought me here: learning the ropes around Figma by schmutzing around with some mobile UI ideas I've had floating around in my noggin. The advent of flat UI and made-to-order design systems left a little hole in my visual designer heart and it's been fun spending some personal time trying to refill it.


Cydia is a package manager thats integral to iOS's jailbreaking scene. Unfortunately updating its UI hasn't been a priority in half a decade so it's no surprise I got my grubby hands on it. I hope one day if a redesign finds itself in the app's future I can be involved. I can't think of a lot of other opportunities to work with the color brown!


Feauring my first 3D render ever, this modal explores abandoning the iPhone's traditional borders, including that god-aweful notch, and having some sparkley fun in the negative space. In certain lighting conditions OLED technology allow for seamless transitions between the phone's screen and thick black bezel and I wish more designs would take advantage of this illusion.


Sorry about the jarring colors but that's kind of the lay of the land for Splatoon 2, an online multiplayer game I'm hesitant to admit I've sunk over 3000 hours into. I designed a companion app that helps me sort my favorite combinations of in-game clothing and weapons since the official Nintendo app falls short of providing any sort of use. Like the previous two experiments I wanted to start with an all-black canvas and find a clever way to hide the iPhone's notch in plain sight. The game's UI and overall style is bright and whimsical and features no right angles/hard corners so I translated that over to the app.

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