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I first sat down with Gideon Wald, co-founder of Welkin, in 2014 and was impressed by his genuine desire to improve not only the antiquated health care technology sector but also, in effect, the health of the peoples whos livelihood depended on this technology. Back then Welkin was focused on providing live, online coaching to people living with diabetes through a mobile Welkin app developed in-house. The coaches who worked remotely around the country and different time zones used a separate Welkin desktop web-based app to communicate and manage their patients. I didn't hesitate joining the company and over the 4.5 years I was there we transformed that desktop web app into a full-fledged patient management software platform to could be designed to fit any program health organizations needed to manage their relationships with their patients. After using my UI/UX experience to redesign the mobile app and the web app (twice!) the design team soon grew to three: A UX Writer, me, a UI designer, and a UX designer who eventually became the team's manager.

Coach's Portal
The Coach Portal was the health provider-facing application. New data and information uploaded about the patient would trigger alerts grouped together on the home screen and the provider could click into any patient to take the necessary action. The profile UI was cock full of relevant patient information, densely populated towards the top of the screen to support even the oldest computer displays some offices ran on. It also provided a timeline the outlined every action with the patient from multiple care providers for easy collaboration and no confusion.
Behind the curtains of the coach portal was Workbench, a powerful program configuration tool that allowed healthcare providers to manage and make adjustments to the care plans, assessments, patient alerts, team roles, email templates, custom processes, and more. Changes were made on the left half of the screen and the right-half gave a WYSIWYG live preview of the updates made. There was even a site-wide version control system that allowed healthcare providers to roll back any changes made for any reason
Design System
Both Workbench and Coach Portal's frontend were developed using React components in Vaadin Framwork. This gave the design team an easy, themeable component library the build off and implement super fast. 
Patient Portal App
This was the multi-platform, patient-facing app that Welkin initially used in its early days a a diabetes coaching platform. A patient would interact with the real coaches hired by Welkin to receive feedback on their patterns in diet and A1C readings. The patient would even be rewarded with real money as incentive to stay engaged with their program. Though the checks they received in the mail were small, we always received feedback from patients that they were so thankful for the extra pocket cash and loved the relationship they built with their personalized coach.
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