After Bebo was sold off from Aol. one the other designers on my team Ryan McMahan (whom I also later worked with on RidePal) asked me to come join him and a quickly growing mobile gaming company with a weird name, ngmoco:) (lower-case with a smiley emoticon at the end, supposedly a shortname for Next-Generation Mobile gaming Company). Apparently no one told them what "moco" means in spanish. Diversity is important.

I had a lot of fun working at this company. Designers were never a single team very long, being passed around to wherever needed next, so I got to work on a diverse set of projects in a short amount of time. It's also where I met my best friend to this day! My job title was UI/2D Artist because I could be working on anything, from a milti-platform gaming platform UI (called "Plus+," a confusing moniker that was later rebranded to "Mobage," which is NOT shorthand for anything as far as I know, but might be a word in kana considering it came from DeNA, the japanese gaming titan that eventually acquired ngmoco) to actual art for games (including my personal favorite, Geowars, which was canceled for being too ambitious of a project that we weren't able going to pull off, which is fair considering it was essentially Pokemon Go! In 2010!).

Sorry for the low-quality on some of these screens. Remember: retina displays weren't a thing yet!

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