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Hill Bombing (v): to ride down a hill as fast as possible, a favorite pastime of San Francisco skateboarders. Hundreds of protesters gathered at top of one of the highest hills in the city to bomb Market St all the way down to the ocean, a 5 mile trip, in support of Black Lives Matter and all BIPOC who've fallen victim to police brutality/murder.

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Juul Labs Inc.Web & Mobile Product Design

Welkin HealthWeb UI/UX Design

Circa NewsWeb & Mobile UI/UX Design

Quarantine ExperimentsMobile UI Design

Welkin Health: EventsEvent Photography

Peace Out SkincareVideo Advertising

BrandingGraphic Design

Welkin Health: HeadshotsPortrait Photography

Jefferson MosqueraPhotography

Gillian & JasonWedding Film

GayCitiesMobile UI/UX Design

NgmocoUI & Graphic Design

RidePalMobile & Web UI Design

BeboUI Design

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